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March 13, 2016 Catalina Bond

Sharing Carola Van Dyke

It may be apparent to anyone who knows us, We love buying British products, supporting British makers and finding great British brands. From time to time we have decided to share some of our favourites with you, alongside our own British made memo boards. 

Today we are bringing a small selection from Carola Van Dyke. A fabulous lady who combines her love of textured and coloured fabrics. Carola, formats them into a patchwork style and covers animal shapes deer, rabbits, dogs and inventing "Textile Taxidermy" all completely unique and wonderful. Carola carries these ideas onto cushions, wall art & prints favourites onto kitchenware such as plates, cups and saucers.

We are sure this is only the begining for Carola, you can find the collection at
carola van dyke textile taxidermy deer antlers patchwork memo boards british brands we love

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