About The Notice Board Store

How a desire for a new memo board turned into a business

With a passion for colour and quirkiness, along with a desire for somewhere stylish to keep all those bits of paper, notes, pictures and photos. Our first fabric notice board was born.
Handmade and hung in pride of place, friends and relatives loved it and began placing orders in different styles. Soon we had a collection of colours, themes and limited edition fabrics.
Located in United Kingdom we hand craft locally, making each notice board special and unique. Our range is always evolving, finding new prints,combining fabrics different colours, textures of ribbons, twines and studs.
All notice boards use a specially manufactured recycled message board base. Come fully lined on reverse, finished with hanging ribbon, arriving delivered to your door ready to use.
Looking for something not availble on the High Street?  Then, you have found your Nivarna!
Free UK Shipping . Gift Cards Available
Made in Great Britain, shipped worldwide
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