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March 05, 2016 Catalina Bond

Follow The Notice Board Store on Facebook

12 years after the invention of Facebook,  We decided to "Get with the programme" and launch our own Facebook page. Yes, there were still a few folk left out there resisting what is now everyday technology.
I can confirm we have been dragged along kicking and screaming and have now arrived in the 21st century. After the intial feeling of panic about releasing our closely held enterprise to the outside world. The idea that anyone can now comment, love, hate or criticise is a very scary one to someone who still sends letters by snail mail. After biting the bullet, filling in the numerous questions/tick/untick/upload/download boxes, I have to admit a strange feeling of accomplishment washed over me.
Now......What do we do with it?...any practical advice considered.. needs to be simple though, we much prefer working on our Notice Board designs than we do potentially becoming deeply attached to the matrix. Oh no there I go scaring myself again...
Anyhow its done now, so if any of you guys out there would like to "like us or poke us" that would be great (I think?)
So here goes, check us out at
Be nice though, we are the new kids
follow the notice board store on facebook


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