Top 5 Picks - William Holland Rolltop Copper Baths.

August 07, 2016 Catalina Bond

You don't even need a bathroom

These darlings are so beautiful you can place them anywhere,

Well almost...

Ever found the most wonderful luxorious bath but it doesn't fit into your bathroom?

Worry, no more.

Here are our top 5 picks of amazing William Holland Copper Baths and none of them are in a bathroom!


# 5

Crazy Bear Hotel Cotswolds

William Holland top 5 Copper baths Crazy Bear Cotswolds


# 4

Emblem Hotel Prague

William Holland Copper Bath Emblem Hotel Prague


# 3

Somewhere in the Cayman Islands

William Holland Copper Bath Somewhere in the Cayman Islands


# 2

Althelhampton House Dorset

William Holland Copper Bath Althelhampton House Dorset


# 1

Gothic Church Conversion London

William Holland copper bath Gothic church conversion London


Hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Picks

Back soon with more favourite things

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Top 5 Copper Rolltop baths William Holland


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