If I owned an apartment in Paris...

October 02, 2016 Catalina Bond

I would decorate in this style,

Using romantic shades of peach, grey, ivory and gold.

Do you ever dream of living in a different city? When I think of Paris, It conjures up a certain interior stlye. Lots of King Louis inspired furniture, gilt picture frames, fresh cut pastel coloured flowers in vases. A huge pair of double doors would mark the the exit from my parquet floored vestibule and the grand entrance to my oh so chic pied a terre.

Fragrance would be important too. The lingering scent of roses would be perfect for my Parisian fantasy.

If I lived in Paris I would walk a lot, visit the sights, stopping often for fresh coffee and fabulous food, of course there would be plenty of time to sit quietly whilst observing the chic french ladies pass elegantly by...

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