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July 03, 2016 Catalina Bond

It's official Glamour is back!

Inspired by Gucci, 70's Disco & Studio 54

Finally, I can revive my disco ball, slip on my lurex pants (well maybe not) add a little glamour & sparkle back  into my life!

Well that's possibly a tad over ambitious, but I can add some glamour to my office! and so I should (and will) as that is where I spend most of my time these days.

For years its been chrome, chrome, chrome which has gotten a little too predictable & boring. Now gold is back, simply fabulous darling...

Todays little montage has this in mind,

Uumm, thinking of ditching the sleek blinds and opting for gold velour curtains, swags, tails the whole shebang, possibly a drinks tray, cut glass decanters..  is that too much?

Maybe I'll just start with a gold stapler and a decadent glided pencil pot!

After all less is more or is it?

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Gold Office Inspiration Gucci Disco Studio 54

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