Ever thought about a Wine Tasting Room?

August 14, 2016 Catalina Bond

Top 5 Wine Cellars

Going with this weeks theme on facebook "Old Tabacco Week"
To explain, in our world "Old Tabacco" stands for old libaray, old books, drinks globes with decanters inside, comfy leather reading chairs, open log fires, wood paneling, classic withstand the test of time kind of decor.
With this vibe in mind we bring you our Top 5 Favourite, Wine Tasting Rooms.
Never thought about a wine tasting room?
Some of these are sure to spark your imagination.
Whether you have a cellar or not!

I hope you like our choices. Feel free to comment, like & share
Catalina Bond Creator Blogger
# 5 Couples Corner
wine tasting room top 5 picks #5 wine cellar corner table
# 4 Tasting for 8
Wine tasting room wine cellar seating for 7 top 5 favourite picks
# 3 Tuscan inspired trompe l'oiel
tuscan inspired trompe l'oeil wine cellar top 5 favourites
# 2 Vaulted Ceiling Wine Cellar
Vaulted Ceiling Wine Cellar Top 5 Wine tasting room
# 1 Dream Cellar - Stone Stairs with Tasting Table
Wine cellar with stone stairs and tasing table Top 5 favourite tasting room
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wine cellars top 5 favourite wine tasting rooms

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